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Brand : Happy Dog

Happy Dog NaturCroq Puppy 4kg

OMR 12.900  
OMR  12.900

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Happy Dog NaturCroq Puppy with high quality animal proteins poultry, beef and fish for optimal growth for puppies aged 1 to 6 months. Suitable for small breed puppies (up to 10kg weight) up to 12 months


For optimal puppy development from the first month

Quality - Happy Dog NaturCroq Puppy Made from easily digestible poultry protein. Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to increase body resistance. Contains calcium and vitamin D3 for optimal bone strength and 29% protein content and 14% fat. It has small kibble size: 7mm x 7mm.


Sustainability - The Dog food is produced in ecological, responsible production from high-quality raw materials from organic agriculture and under strict quality controls


Our promise of quality

without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

no added sugar

without genetic technology

without added soy (except in Baby Milk Probiotik 30/30)

no animal testing

best tolerance

gentle preparation

natural and high-quality raw materials

100% balanced & appropriate to the species

full, rich taste

transparent declaration


Made with love in Germany - Since 1765 Our Bavarian family business produces species-appropriate animal food from tradition and conviction. We know: The love of the four-legged friend goes through the stomach


Why entrust your cat and dog nutrition with Happy Cat and Happy Dog?

Happy Cat and Happy Dog use high quality meat obtained from the best farms.

Made from selected natural ingredients originating from German agriculture and its surroundings.

Does not contain coloring, flavoring and added sugar, preservatives, soya, or genetically engineered ingredients.

Happy Cat and Happy Dog guarantee high digestibility.

Manufactured to the highest standards using the Thermostufen mix method.

Food quality and safety testing of Happy Cat and Happy Dog tested by food analysis technology institute IfU-LAT GmbH.

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