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Brand : Pawise

Pawise Dog Head Collar - #5 XL

OMR 6.100  
OMR  6.100

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# 5 X-Large, Maximum ca 44cm. (ex Breed St. Bernard)

Product Description

Pawise Head Collar are more or less a harness for your dog's head. The idea is to reduce pulling because while a dog can put their entire weight against their chest, they can't put much force behind their noggin. A dog head halter loops over your dog's muzzle just below the eyes.



Necklace to guide and educate the dog easily

Position at the muzzle and neck of the animal

Progressive canine education method to gently train your dog on the leash

Available in several sizes

Ring to tie the leash

Variable belt at the muzzle

Adjustable collar with closure

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