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Brand : Pawise

Pawise Grooming Combo Brush L

OMR 6.200  
OMR  6.200

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Pawise Grooming Combo Brush L

Grooming Combo brush

S- 7.6 inch

L- 9 inch

The brush has hard plastic bristles on a soft air cushion and is perfect for gentle massage, even for breeds with undercoat.

Great pet grooming tool for all breeds and coat types, help to reduce shedding of your dog better than traditional dog brush, dog comb or other regular dog grooming rake.

Reduce shedding is more effective.

2-in-1 Combo Brush. One side is made of wire gentle round-tip pins which are ideal for removing tangle and loosen dead fur, the other side features soft bristles for removing fur and spreading essential oils for high luster and shine.

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