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Brand : Pawise

Pawise Pet Safety Belt

OMR 8.300  
OMR 8.300

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Pawise car safety harness set with seat belt attachment for dogs is the perfect way to keep your dog safe comfortable and secure while travelling

*Perfect for safe and comfortable travel with your pet

*Great for long distance road trips or short drives

*Special, soft and luxurious padding chest strap

*Fully adjustable chest and belly straps which are simple to tighten and loosen if required 

*Quick and easy to put on

*Includes a fully adjustable short leash (not suitable for all car types, however you can easily attach your own leash to the harness)

*Attaches to seatbelt for control and safety

*Restrains and prevents injury while in the car, helps your dog in the event of sudden stops and sharp turns

*Helps to minimize driver distraction by stopping the dog moving around in the car

*Sits securely on your dog

*Made of strong, durable, comfortable, flexible nylon webbing material

*Does not tug and pull on your dog






Recommended Dog Breeds




Neck: 30-40cm

Chest: 40-60cm

West Highland Terrier




Neck: 32-50cm

Chest 45-65cm

Border Collie




Neck: 45-60cm

Chest: 50-70cm





Neck: 50-70cm

Chest: 55-80cm

Bernese Mountain Dog




Measure your dog before selecting a harness

The breeds recommended are simply a guide

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